People come to see me oftentimes when they have tried to improve their situation on their own through resources that are readily available—for instance, talking with friends, seeking advice from family, and engaging in various self-care activities such as exercise and eating better. Although all of these actions are commendable, they tend to be helpful only to an extent. Psychotherapy aims at addressing the situation at its core. As your therapist, we would work together to explore and understand your underlying emotional experience, thinking patterns, and outward behaviors for the purposes of preventing future trouble, alleviating current distress, and improving resilience. My approach is collaborative and respectful of your personal dignity. And, I aim to deeply understand your perspective, empathize with your situation, and constructively discuss your viewpoints.

Psychotherapy is a difficult process, but can be rewarding. I ask my clients to seriously consider their commitment to the psychotherapy process at the onset.

Couples and Families

Couples and families often face a challenge that relates to how they interact with one another while maintaining a sense of their own identity. Some examples might include a couple struggling with learning how to be a single unit and separate individuals or difficulties between a parent and child that are exasperated by behavior that may be obvious or inconspicuous. My approach to couple and family conflict is based upon systems theory, where I would look to address interactional behaviors that are created by having multiple individuals in the room and in light of boundaries between them.

areas of expertise

I provide psychological services for issues that include: anxiety, behavioral issues, depression, divorce, emotional disturbance, grief, life transitions, mental health, self-esteem, sexuality, stress, and trauma. I specialize in areas related to employment-related difficulties, relationship and family conflicts, and multicultural issues.

psychotherapY Technique

My approach is integrative of various theoretical orientations and mostly inclusive of the psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and humanistic techniques. There may be instances where I favor a particular approach over another. In general, however, the most critical element to effective psychotherapy is our relationship as therapist and client. I aim to always listen closely and have respect and compassion for each of my clients and work with them to improve their situation as best that I can.


I am in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Coventry/First Health Network. Otherwise, I can serve as an out-of-network provider and can provide a statement so that you can try to seek reimbursement from your insurance carrier.